My divorce was not my choice, and we had structured our lives such that I was poorly positioned to maximize what was most important to me, my time with my daughters. Laura gave me tools to advocate for myself and advocated on my behalf to ensure that I came out with the best situation I could attain under the circumstances, and something I can live with, and I am now confident I will remain an important part of my daughters’ lives. Laura guided me through a grueling financial discovery process, and ensured that the financial end of the settlement was equitable for my side. We achieved a settlement with an opposing attorney who had a reputation for being difficult to bring to settlement. Importantly, Laura respected my desires for what strategies we would pursue and which we would not, and never took any action without checking with me. This helped me know that I had gone through this process honorably, and did not have any damage to control or regrets about what actions were taken on my behalf.

– John, 2019

I was facing a very difficult divorce process and was referred to Laura Sutkus by a fellow attorney that spoke very highly of her.  His referral was spot on.  After an initial consultation, I was confident that Laura was the right attorney for me.  She initially took me on as a pro se client through temporary orders and then represented me in mediation.  My case involved a contentious division of assets as well as custody decisions.  Laura was extremely well-versed in these areas and made me confident in her abilities.  She was thorough, meticulous, detail-oriented, compassionate and thoughtful in her approach.  She was on top of my case at all times, was very responsive and was well-prepared when defending my position.  She’s extremely knowledgeable in family law, very articulate, and maintained a calm disposition throughout my challenging situation.  She also has a great sense of humor, which I found refreshing.  I would highly recommend Laura Sutkus.

– Brenda

“Laura Sutkus is an excellent attorney with keen intelligence, integrity, and empathy. I was a stay at home mom with two small children when I hired Laura. She thoroughly explained all my options, listened to my needs, and spent time with me. I could not have ended up where I am today without her diligence and hard work on my behalf. Even years after my divorce, Laura has been there to answer my questions or for follow up help. Laura is an attorney of character and professionalism and she really knows her stuff!”

– Karen Smith

“Ms. Sutkus represented me as part of the custody issue. She is thorough, organized, knowledgeable about the family law, straight to the point and writes well written documents. She kept me up-to-date with my case and explained the different due dates. She is a quick thinker and familiar with my details during the court hearing with the commissioner to represent me well. You want an attorney who focuses 100% on family law. At first I didn’t, and I saw a significant difference in the knowledge level. If you want someone to represent you well and fair, I would and have recommended Ms. Sutkus. I will use her again.”

– Cathy Kaylin

“I’ve been recommending Laura Sutkus ever since my divorce finalized several years ago. During what proved to be an exceptionally long and difficult divorce, it was incredibly reassuring to work with someone so well-respected by her peers, and so committed to my case. At the outset, she represented me as my lawyer and later, she agreed to advise me as I represented myself “pro se.” I appreciated her flexibility in providing her services “unbundled,” which made it possible for me to continue with my case where otherwise, I would have been unable to do so. Initially, Laura was recommended to me by a family lawyer who was on a sabbatical. In her estimation, Ms. Sutkus is the finest family lawyer in Seattle, the person this lawyer would choose should she need representation. She cited Laura’s competence, preparedness, and ability to persuasively argue her clients’ concerns in court. In the course of my divorce, I was consistently told by other lawyers (and by my ex-wife) that Laura had a stellar reputation as one of the best in the business. My divorce case was both long and complex, but working with Laura gave me a sense of calm and control in a challenging process that could otherwise have been overwhelming. Laura is a highly principled person; I felt confident in her ability to create a fair and reasonable outcome, steering a straight course while diffusing unnecessary conflicts. In addition, I always felt like Laura was mindful and respectful of my time, communicating quickly and clearly what was necessary for the next step. I give her my highest recommendation.”

– Andy Van Ornum

“Unbundled Service? Highly recommend Sutkus Law Firm!

When I was referred to Laura Sutkus, I used the unbundled service at first, then full representation for trial. I was very impressed with the professionalism as well as the humanitarian side of this law firm. Both Laura Sutkus and Marcie Norris were the most caring and understanding persons during my case. There were times I needed advice during the unbundled service and I could count on both of them to get back to me promptly and timely. I appreciated the referrals given to me and when we went to trial, I was very nervous and not knowing what to do, both Laura and Marcie were there every step of the way. I will always be thankful for all their efforts.”


“Whenever I called, I was never deferred to call back later or have to wait for her to get back to me, this was a very welcome part of dealing with Laura – she was always there for me!!!  With no doubt, I trust Laura completely and highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a lawyer for life.”


“[Ms. Sutkus] is empathetic and highly responsive.  I found her to be a strong advocate in a difficult case.  I would highly recommend her.”

– Kara

“Divorce is a very difficult and emotional time in a person’s life.  Laura is supportive, reassuring and calming.  She is also firm, confident and thoroughly understands the law.  Laura made sure I understood the process and kept me informed every step of the way. She always watched out for my best interests and listened to me when I had concerns.”

A divorce client.

“Honesty, integrity, wisdom and expertise in her field.

“I can still recall the first time I met Laura Sutkus. My separation came unexpectedly and suddenly. I was shell-shocked, confused, hurt, emotionally drained…so much was happening all at once… I didn’t know what to do or where to begin to pick up the pieces. Luckily, I was put in touch with Laura. Laura could sense my anxiety, confusion, emotional pain and frustration. Her confidence, experience, gentle demeanor and honest approach with helping me and my situation was very comforting during the hardest personal trial I’ve ever had to endure in my life. At the time I wasn’t sure if I needed to hire Laura’s full-time services, so she worked more as a consultant with my hiring her unbundled services. As my separation turned toward divorce, I hired Laura for full representation and it was the best move I could have made. She fought for me, made me feel I was her number-one priority, was always available whenever I needed her and her experience, wisdom and knowledge of the law helped me get the majority of what I hoped for out of a divorce I did not ask for and had to fight to get what I wanted. Laura is a rock star. She is trustworthy, confident, knowledgeable, respected and a lawyer I would recommend to anyone.”

-Erik Englehorn