What Clients Have to Say:

I worked with Laura Sutkus throughout my mediated divorce process. While she did not directly represent me in mediation, she was 100% in my corner providing knowledge, compassion, suggestions, and a much-appreciated grounded thoughtfulness. Her review of my settlement documents was very comprehensive and extremely helpful in establishing solid agreements.

The divorce has been final over a year now, but as issues arise (and they do), Laura has been continually gracious in reviewing the situation and offering suggestions on possible courses of action. I tend to be a “do it yourself-er” so Laura’s coaching approach works very effectively for me. That said, I also have the feeling Laura would be an excellent attorney for someone who needs a strong legal voice acting on their behalf.

– Kristi I., 2020

What do you need in a divorce attorney? That certainly depends on your intended outcome, but in my case, I found in Laura Sutkus someone that shared and supported my values (fair, respectful and honorable) and idea of how to end a 20-year marriage with kids. Although my divorce was nothing as I had hoped – a swift and cooperative ending to our marriage – instead I faced a long, cruel and dishonest divorce process that almost ended in a trial.

Always to-the-point, practical in her approach, and efficient in her decisions, we stuck together for almost two long years, working through exaggerated and inaccurate claims. She showed me how to be balanced and pragmatic in my decision making and reaction/response to the ‘crazy’. My divorce was not at all what I expected or could have imagined, but Sutkus Law kept me moving forward and ensured that, in the end, I settled/mediated in a position that was comfortable and right for me.

As I stop and reflect on our almost two-year process, I recall some traits of her that are easily overlooked during such an emotional period – attentive and able to recall every detail, understands family law inside and out, and maintains a strength and respectfulness even through the nastiness. If needed, she has assembled a group of professional resources to refer to and, if necessary, to take back control of an issue (i.e., QDROs and State PERs, fair sharing of child expenses). Thank you for maintaining my respectful approach through this difficult period.

– Roy, 2020

Phenomenal Attorney

Laura Sutkus represented me through a very difficult contested divorce. While my spouse chose to change attorneys multiple times, I stayed the course with Laura. From the very beginning, she gave excellent legal advice and support. I came to her office terrified, and she gave me the tools I needed to even get started, including a book on how to respond to high conflict people. Month by month, my knowledge and strength increased and even I am surprised we have successfully resolved everything! In every phase of my divorce, there were delays and issues out of our control, but Laura managed them with ease. She is professional, meticulous and knows family law like the back of her hand. She will fight
fairly and honestly for you and your children. I was so impressed in how she handled getting a parenting plan figured out, when everyone else (including the other attorney) seemed to falter. I would highly recommend working with Laura Sutkus. Our family is thriving now and she has given me the strength and freedom to move on to independence. I will be forever thankful to Laura for her role in
this process.

– Asha, 2020

My divorce was not my choice, and we had structured our lives such that I was poorly positioned to maximize what was most important to me, my time with my daughters. Laura gave me tools to advocate for myself and advocated on my behalf to ensure that I came out with the best situation I could attain under the circumstances, and something I can live with, and I am now confident I will remain an important part of my daughters’ lives. Laura guided me through a grueling financial discovery process, and ensured that the financial end of the settlement was equitable for my side. We achieved a settlement with an opposing attorney who had a reputation for being difficult to bring to settlement. Importantly, Laura respected my desires for what strategies we would pursue and which we would not, and never took any action without checking with me. This helped me know that I had gone through this process honorably, and did not have any damage to control or regrets about what actions were taken on my behalf.

– John, 2019

I was facing a very difficult divorce process and was referred to Laura Sutkus by a fellow attorney that spoke very highly of her.  His referral was spot on.  After an initial consultation, I was confident that Laura was the right attorney for me.  She initially took me on as a pro se client through temporary orders and then represented me in mediation.  My case involved a contentious division of assets as well as custody decisions.  Laura was extremely well-versed in these areas and made me confident in her abilities.  She was thorough, meticulous, detail-oriented, compassionate and thoughtful in her approach.  She was on top of my case at all times, was very responsive and was well-prepared when defending my position.  She’s extremely knowledgeable in family law, very articulate, and maintained a calm disposition throughout my challenging situation.  She also has a great sense of humor, which I found refreshing.  I would highly recommend Laura Sutkus.

– Brenda