Family Law hearings have primarily been limited to emergency matters since mid-March 2020.  The Court is now shifting to teleconferences and video hearings, or to hearing motions without oral argument provided both parties agree.  Family law hearings in King County have been moved from the morning to the afternoons (starting at 1:30 p.m.), and the calendar for the remote hearings is available at:

Hearings in which at least one party has an attorney will be set for a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.  Hearings in which neither party is represented will be held on Wednesday and Friday.   There are new Notice of Court Date forms on-line.  Rules regarding paperwork, timing and confirmation are on the King County website under Commissioner Calendars.  Family law trials have been delayed and continued; trials will primarily be done via Zoom rather than in person.  There will be very little in-person activity at either courthouse, where masks will be required.