During Covid-19, Family Law hearings were primarily limited to emergency matters and then moved to video hearings on the Zoom platform. When parties agree, hearings can also be scheduled to be ‘heard’ without oral argument. Family law hearings in King County have been moved from the morning to the afternoons (starting at 1:30 p.m. – with a 1:00 p.m. check in time). Access to the remote hearings is available at https://kingcounty.gov/courts/superior-court/family/virtual-hearings.aspx.

Hearings in which at least one party has an attorney are set for every day of the week – though this has varied at times, depending on judicial availability. Hearings for cases where both parties represent themselves (“Pro Se”) are held on Friday afternoons only.

The Notice of Court Date and Working Papers Submission List forms are available online at https://kingcounty.gov/en/dept/dja/courts-jails-legal-system/court-forms-document-filing/forms.

They may also be found with general instructions at https://kingcounty.gov/courts/superior-court/family/confirmations.aspx. Helpful information regarding paperwork, the timing of your submissions and how to confirm your hearing are also available on the King County website at https://kingcounty.gov/courts/superior-court/family/family-law-instructions.aspx.
To review and schedule a hearing for your motion, you can access the family law commissioner’s court calendar at https://superiorcourt.kingcounty.gov/famlaw/scheduling/calendar.